Fecha de publicación: 05/01/2023
Next week the Scalextric catalog is known
For a few years now, Scalextric Hornby has been the first to unveil its product catalog for the season. It is one of the few brands that maintains the habit of generating a catalog with the marketing forecasts for its models. It is logical, since as a brand that has its sales window among the large purchasing centers, it has to offer the product so that they can make their forecasts. Carrera and SCX act in the same way. And if until now the small manufacturers joined this policy taking advantage of the large toy fairs at the beginning of the year, now they have distanced themselves and have chosen to reveal the novelties according to their priorities and the progress of the market.
Thus, Scalextric Hornby announces that on January 11 it will reveal the content of its slot catalogue.
Regarding the cars that are yet to appear in the 2022 catalog, say that the expected Cobra will arrive in spring, as Hornby said months ago and that the RS500 will arrive in February and the Rover, in its competition version, will come out next week and that of the Police still does not have a date.
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