Fecha de publicación: 28/11/2022
Excellent reception of this edition
The Foro Slot Madrid winter edition has meant the definitive consolidation of this event as a sample of the slot sector. The presence of numerous manufacturers, distributors and small merchants helped thousands of visitors to gather at the Aero Club de España venue.
The effort of Jesus Blanco, organizer of the Foro, culminated in the attendance of brands such as Fly Car Model, Slot.it, Policar, Scaleauto, Scalextric-SCX, Scalextric-Superslot, Hobby Classic, Avant Slot, MMK, Cartrix, Mitoos, The Slot Affair…
Fly Car Model focused its presence on the presentation of the new Renault 5 GT Turbo and the collaboration agreement with Scaleauto to create a new Fly Racing Evo 3 range. Fly bodies with Scaleauto chassis and components. BMW M1, Porsche 917, Lancia 037 or Porsche 911 will be the first to appear in this new range. You could also see the prototypes of the Ford Transit.
Slotit and Policar, with Maurizio Gibertoni in charge, presented the Policar tracks and showed some of the models that will appear in the coming days and months, such as the Ferrari 126.
Scaleauto was present at Foro Slot Madrid and at its stand you could see the well-known prototypes of the Acura LMP and the BMW M6 GT3 and M8 GTE at 1:24 scale.
Scalextric SCX was in Madrid with the presence of its entire management team to accompany the 60th anniversary exhibition, show the cars of this event and promote direct contact with fans and followers of the brand for the first time in a long time.
Superslot, Scalextric Hornby with Roberto Carralero as representative showed in his space the news that are about to appear in the coming weeks. Mister Bean's Mini had all eyes on it.
Hobby Classic made a show of force, with the extensive proposals for this coming year 2023. The Timeslot ChronoBox, fully operational in the prototype phase, the new roundabouts, the incredible super-reduced boxes of Tiny Classic, the Bugatti Type 59 Nation Colors, the prototype of Senna's next Toleman TG184 at 1:32 scale, and a long list of projects that we can pick up soon.
Avant Slot showed the prototypes of the two VW Golf GTi, which they hope to serve by the end of the year, and the two finished versions of the new BMW 2002. The prototypes of the Nissan 240RS and the Mitsubishi Galant could also be seen.
Maralic continues to propose its unpublished models in resin, among which a surprising Pegaso Troner from 1988 stood out.
Victor di Natali from MMK was at the fair presenting his range and advancing to SlotCar Today his projects for 2023, of which we hope to be able to explain soon.
Diego Ripoll, founder of Cartrix and promoter of Mitoos, presented the chassis of the MB 8x8 truck, an excellent engineering work.
Augusto Newton from The Slot Affair showed his replica of the Alfa Romeo 8C that is so successful in the United Kingdom, together with the six-wheeled Tyrrel P34, and revealed to SlotCar Today some of the already completed projects that will see the light of day in the coming days.
And not to forget Paco Hernández, editor of Mas Slot magazine, who is printing the latest issue of the magazine this December and who received a small tribute during the Fly Car Model party.
Madrid Slot Forum has grown, has consolidated, and has become an essential event for everyone, Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Collectors and fans.
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