Fecha de publicación: 02/11/2021
NEW / McLaren 720S / NSR
Prototype of the new model for 2022
(PR – NSR – Nov. 2021)

The NSR philosophy remains unchanged: to create splendid high-performance 1:32 scale slot cars, with the best quality on the market thanks to the meticulous care of "100% Made in Italy".
The McLaren 720S has technical characteristics worthy of a pure racing model: a power of 720 hp (hence the name 720S), a dry weight of 1283 kg, a top speed of 341 km / h a sprint of 0-100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds.
Thanks to the research and development work carried out by NSR to make the 1:32 replica as fast as possible on the track, the "McLaren 720S" will be a tough rival even for the best performing models in the NSR GT3 category.
The McLaren project started by NSR in 2016 with the 650S, was canceled due to the lack of licenses which we remedied by making the 720s finally under official McLaren licenses.
The car will be on sale from February 2022, but stay up to date on our news as we will soon be launching a bomb with a McLaren theme.
Note: The prototype in the photo is purely illustrative and has several important differences compared to the final model.
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