Fecha de publicación: 08/10/2021
(PR- LMM - October 8, 2021)
(PR- LMM - October 8, 2021)
Here we are. 30 years old, is it the perfect age for a small business?
In any case, because it is a little thanks to each of you who will read this message, who were interested in or are interested in our small business, that we are where we are, and we thank you, very much.
Whether you are a collector, informed or not, a retailer, wholesaler, visitor, occasional or regular, subcontractor, deliveryman or postman, adult or child, former employee or trainee, supplier, competitor or partner, a journalist, a banker man or a banker woman, a relative or a friend, a customer, loyal or not, whether you are French or foreigner, you have each contributed to the success (often) and failures (sometimes) of our company.
And we appreciate that. So much. You have enabled us to create miniatures that meet your expectations by forcing us to constantly question our choices, on the design, production and marketing of our models.
Because of the challenges we face every day to meet everyone’s expectations, we have tried to make progress, improve and propose different and new things. Some have been appreciated, some less. That’s the risk. Being an entrepreneur is also to doubt, a lot, but above all to share.
And since nothing is ever over, since everything is always to start over, there is always something to do then well, we go back now, with our hearts at work and our smiles on our lips and for the next weeks, months and years. Hopefully you’ll be there.
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