Fecha de publicación: 06/09/2021
Chaparral 2F, Mercedes DTM, Ferrari 512M, Ferrari 126C...
The presence of the brands of the Galileo Engineering Group, Slot.it and Policar at the Model Expo in Verona has revealed several novelties both in 1:32 scale models and new components of the Policar tracks.
In a previous post we have already talked about the Ferrari 126C, but the news from Slot.it also deserves our attention. A new Chaparral 2F, Ferrari 512M, new Mercedes C Class DTM, Jaguar XR11, Porsche 962 Short Tail, and the super outer corner (lane 9 and 10) of Policar track.
We leave you the video where Maurizio Ferrari himself explains the novelties of Verona.
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