Fecha de publicación: 12/03/2021
McLaren F1 GTR, BMW 2002, Ford ESCORT MkI, ...
After it was known that Revoslot was going to market a new 1:32 scale Mercedes CLK GTR for slot, which we can now confirm will go on sale during the month of May of this year, today the brand has communicated its projects for this season 2021.
And it does so with several surprises. Perhaps not so unexpected, such as the appearance of the third rival of the GTR, the McLaren F1 GTR, with which, according to Revoslot, the GT range of the 90s closes -for the moment. At the moment we only have the McLaren render.
But the big surprise is Revoslot's entry into Group 2 cars at 1:32 scale. And it does so with a long-desired 2002 BMW and a no less interesting track companion, the Ford Escort MkI. Both cars, of which we still do not know the first versions, will arrive after the summer. And for the third car in Group 2 we will have to wait until the beginning of 2022, and it will be the Alfa Romeo GTA.
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