Fecha de publicación: 10/07/2020
Carved in reverse of standard
New Ø16 mm diameter crown carved in an inverted angle.
This idea, the reverse size of the standard, was introduced in 2008 as a novelty in the Z31 and Z32 crowns and also included a small protrusion in the crown body.
With this new Ø16 mm measurement the crown/pinion gear can be adjusted with greater precision using different spacer thicknesses and also allows the use of different pinion diameters.
Another new crown advantage is in the total thickness of only 4.3 mm which gives much more free space to adjust the rim.
Sloting Plus is the first Slot company of to introduce, from its inception, the M2.5 metric on all its removable crowns, rims and pinions due to its great clamping force and its longer use duration.

Corona angular 16 mm. Z26 -INVERTER- color ALUMINIO
Corona angular 16 mm. Z27 -INVERTER- color MORADO
Corona angular 16 mm. Z28 -INVERTER- color AZUL
Corona angular 16 mm. Z29 -INVERTER- color VERDE
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