Fecha de publicación: 03/07/2020
Ferrari F40 Le Mans / PREVIEW / REVOSLOT
Announced the next 1:32 scale model
When the long-awaited Porsche 911 GT1 is yet to go on sale, Revoslot has just confirmed that it is finalizing production of the 1:32 scale Ferrari F40 for slot to add to its endurance classics range.
As usual for the brand, it also announces that three F40 liveriesof and a white kit version will be on sale at the same time. All of them will entrust their dynamic part to the BRM engine and metallic chassis.
Marketing dates have not been revealed yet but given the brand rhythm it is expected that we will see them on slot tracks in late September or October.
The three versions chosen to open the track correspond to different 24 Hours of Le Mans editions:

RS0066 - Ferrari F40 Pilote – Le Mans 1995 #34
RS0067 - Ferrari F40 Unisys – Le Mans 1997 #59
RS0068 - Ferrari F40 Totip – Le Mans 1994 #29
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