Fecha de publicación: 08/06/2020 10:24h
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Physiotherapy tips
Giacomo Grazioli, manager of Italiaslot, has had an excellent initiative in making a video explaining the main muscle problems associated with using the slot controller and how to prevent them. A physical therapist, Davide Perucchini, explains causes and exercises to prevent them.
The video includes Italian subtitles, but is easy to understand visually.

Anyway we add a short translation of the subtitles:
Today we will talk about a very frequent problem in slot drivers. Lateral elbow pain. It is a problem that has a negative influence on performance during a competition.
During the race, the constant use of the trigger to control the car involves a repetitive activation of the flexor muscles, which are the muscles of the forearm that allow the fingers to close.
At the same time, however, the muscles on the opposite side that are called the extensors must continuously act to stabilize the wrist making sure that the flexors can work properly.
This creates a continuous overload also in the extensor muscles and, in particular, in the tendon part, which is the final part of the muscle that then adheres to the bone.
Consequently, this imbalance between the flexor muscles involved in the trigger and the extensor muscles involved in stabilizing the wrist is detrimental to the extensors, which are certainly weaker than the flexors.

Think about always doing a little initial warm-up

Let's look together at some general warm-up exercises that concern both the forearm but not forgetting the shoulder. ”
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