Fecha de publicación: 30/06/2020
New A.S. COBRA 6K 20 / COBRA Products by Savatteri
COBRA 6K 2020
Improved 2020 version
The Cobra 6k slot controller has undergone a major overhaul. With the 2020 version Antonio Savatteri has improved a controller that already had high functionality standards.
It is in the potentiometers and electronics, made in usa, that more work has been done to provide them with new functionality.
The new resistive control allows, regardless of the circuit, adds up to 26 ohms to the used resistive module. (black)
Regulator anti spin effect has been doubled (white)
Speed control increased (25%) (orange)
Brake potentiometer (red) increased by 10%
Each command is numbered and is delivered personalized with the user's name.
At the time of the request it can be configured in the various versions available and all the options can be added according to the needs of each use.

It is advisable to contact the manufacturer itself to know in detail the possible options.
A.S.cobra has a WhatsApp service for all inquiries +39 329 7283967 or at antoniosavatteri@tin.it
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