Fecha de publicación: 25/05/2020
SCP 3 / The Ultimate Controller. / SLOT.IT
On sale this week
Introduced at the end of 2019, the new Slot Controller from Slot.it is finally on sale. The SCP-3 is the logical evolution of SCP-2 that with its new 2.4 GHz Bluethooth interface opens a wide range of possibilities. Slot.it wanted to offer users of this new slot controller a product that suits their needs, adapting the activation of the various functions in the purchase process through the APP.
The control is supplied as standard with some standard functionalities: brake, settings, a linear mode and the possibility of use in oXigen and ARC.
To activate the remote control, you must register for free through an iOs or Android APP to start its operation and start the warranty. At the same time, the ID of each remote will be registered in order to use any future improvement.
Subsequently, and through payment, the functions offered by the Slot.it SCP-3 can be unlocked. Brake and power curves, button functionality, and even use for children. Slot.it continues working to develop functions that can be acquired through the APP.
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