Fecha de publicación: 28/05/2020
September Surprise
Policar, Slot.it group brand, surprises slot fans with a proposal that it has been developing with the utmost secrecy. In fact, this new model does not appear in the 2020 official brand catalogue. A Generic F1 of latest generation, halo included, at 1:32 scale for slot, which opens up a wide range of opportunities and livery versions. A model dynamically developed to make it competitive. It will have an in-line motor, with a C-type motor mount, adjustable front axle, and with digitization options (oXigen). It also has a front spoiler held by magnets to prevent breakage and at the same time more realistic races.
The cars will be delivered pre-assembled and with several basic colours options and one white
We will be attentive to more information about this new Policar model.

PO-CAR07A Generic Modern F1 Monosporto - Red
PO-CAR07B Generic Modern F1 Monosporto - Blue
PO-CAR07C Generic Modern F1 Monosporto - Black
PO-CAR07D Generic Modern F1 Monosporto - Silver
PO-CAR07E Generic Modern F1 Monosporto - White
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