Fecha de publicación: 17/03/2020
#IStayAtHome / Remembering / 1999
The Football Car Series / Scalextric / Superslot
We will be a few days, weeks, hopefully not months, without enjoying live sport, nor broadcast and seen through any of our devices. Today I recalled that in 1999, Scalextric Hornby, and Superslot in Spain, sold a series dedicated to Premier League and Scottish Premiership Football (Soccer) Teams. A Ferrari F40, (the copyright law had not yet been tightened), served as the basis for capturing the shields of Tottenham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Arsenal, Chelsea, and the two Scottish teams in Glasgow, Celtic and the Rangers.
Now that #IStayAtHome is a good opportunity to get them off the showcase and take them on a slot track tour. But, ... let's put Liverpool and Celtic ahead.

F40 Celtic C2147
F40 Rangers C2148
F40 Newcastle C2149
F40 Liverpool C2150
F40 Arsenal C2151
F40 Chelsea C2152
F4 Tottenham C2153

#JoEmQuedoACasa #YoMeQuedoEnCasa #IStayAtHome #JeResteALaMaison
#IchBleibeZuHause #IkBlijfThuis #IoRestoACasa #私は家にいます
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