Fecha de publicación: 17/02/2020
Scalextric / SCX Illustrator dies
Luis Bargalló passed away two days ago in Barcelona, the renowned illustrator who made of Scalextric sets authentic artwork. Since 1970 he began to illustrate for EXIN and his first work was the GP50, with the McLaren cover, and his relationship with Scalextric/ Scx was extended even in the TecniToys era when he painted the BRM Vintage box. One of his last works for the slot world was the drawing of Velasor Sascha, and unfortunately has left unfinished the drawing of the next Velasor model.
Scalextric sets and illustrations never bore his signature, and Luis Bargalló came out of popular anonymity thanks to an interview I conducted for Slot MiniAuto in mid-2000s. Today he is considered one of the key characters in the brand popularization.
In the http://www.lbargallo.es/ web you can find all his work, in which we would also like to highlight his Poster of races such as the Rally Catalunya, or the mythical Montseny Hillclimbing.
Our sincere recognition of his contribution.
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