Fecha de publicación: 13/09/2019
MRC Ravenna / European Champion / SCALEAUTO
Superfinal 3x4 GT3 in Italy
Last weekend the grand final of the Scaleauto 3x4 GT3 European Championship for 1:32 scale was held. In the magnificent BRM Slot Car Arena of Badia Polesine, some of the teams classified to enter the Superfinal came together, after the results obtained in the previous three races, Italy, Andorra and Spain. The absence of Levante Racing Team, leader of the championship after three races, and other Spanish and Portuguese Teams made the powerful Italian squads dominate the 24-hour final round, played in six 4-hour races to compensate for the fact of using only two tracks and the obligation of each team to run with three cars. That is why instead of 3 races (3 tracks) of 8 hours, 6 races of 4 hours were played.
On the new Scaleauto Pro-Track circuit, the first time it was used in Italy with full satisfaction of the teams, up to eleven teams chose the Corvette C7R as one of their three options, being the 991 RSR and the Viper the second and third preferred option.
The SRT team, with Tommaso Melioli, Lorenzo Cuomo, Antonio Aliberti and Mattia Pareschi win the 24 Hours race and the MRC Ravenna Team, with Michele Rulfin, Alessandro Tenedios, Alberto Aloisi, Lorenzo Aloisi and Andrea Tedeschi who finished seconds overall in this last race, added enough points to proclaim the first European Champion Scaleauto 1:32.
(Photo: Italia Slot)

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