Fecha de publicación: 30/07/2019
Austro Daimler SASCHA / VELASOR
Probably the best slot car ever manufactured by hand
In the next few days, in weeks, the specialized press from around the world will echo the definitive launch of the "Sascha", the 1922 Austro Daimler that Velasor has reproduced at 1:32 scale. We followed up at the beginning of the project and now we would like to be the first to show the definitive images of a car that according to popular comments is probably the best slot car ever made by hand.
It would be extensive to describe in detail the characteristics of this model, rather of the four models that participated in the Targa Florio of 1922. And it is that Velasor has reproduced the four, each with its own characteristics and with its respective driver figures, Neubauer, Kolowrat, Pocher and Kulm, and co-pilot completely differentiated and hand painted.
This new ADS-R is a faithful reproduction of the first version of the legendary car of the year 1922. It is built by hand and assembled with more than 200 pieces of different materials, such as resins, metals, leather, wood, and customized by different techniques how molds, 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, photogravure metal and turned parts that are finally assembled by hand, thus forming the 1st Velasor reference.
These are some of the details of the "Sascha"
1.- Crank swivel starter.
2.- Radiator cap with two positions, retracted and deployed, by turning it.
3.- Motor with mobile ventilation propeller.
4.- Practical engine hood, fastened by a removable and adjustable strap with buckles.
5.- Detailed chassis with the fuel tanks and the different brake drive cables.
6.- Functional front and rear suspension crossbows.
7.- Mobile front and rear shock absorbers.
8.- Front and spare wheels with threaded central nut, removable by means of ‘VC1’ key.
9.- Practical back box, with flexible closure and leather roller cover for tools.
10.- Interior of the passenger compartment with oil pressure stain, pedals and handbrake lever that can be operated.
11.- Removable protective fender.
12.- The figures, painted by hand, are a faithful reproduction of the real characters that ran with the “Sascha”.

We recommend accessing the manufacturer's website to be able to observe in more detail and read in depth all the information about the Austro Daimler Sascha at 1:32 scale. A legendary model that will also enter the slot legend.
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