Fecha de publicación: 22/05/2019
Universal Press and Puller Tool / SLOTING PLUS
Four new indispensable tools
Sloting Plus  adds four new indispensable tools for slot racing fans. A fast and at the same time millimetric adjustment of the motor pinion allows to optimize car performances. And Sloting Plus wanted with this new tools to facilitate this operation even without having to disassemble the motor of its bench. Even for sidewinder and anglewinder.
New Press/Pull tool and universal Presses that are complemented with a series of accessories that allow to pull, press or adjust the pinion easily and accurately.
Some tools made of Stainless Steel that Sloting guarantees durability.
It is advisable to visit Sloting Plus website to expand the different utilities of these new tools.

SP140004 Pinion Gear Puller & Press UNIVERSAL (pack with 1 unit)

SP140005 UNIVERSAL Press for pinions -SINGLE- (bag with 1 unit)

SP140006 UNIVERSAL Horseshoe press -TOUCAN BEAK- (bag with 1 unit)

SP140007 UNIVERSAL Horseshoe press -UPSILON- (bag with 1 unit)

SP140021 Special screw M8 TIP Ø1.90 mm. (bag with 1 unit)

SP140022 Special screw M6 TIP Ø1,45 mm. (bag with 1 unit)

SP140023 Special screw M6 TIP Ø1.90 mm. (bag with 1 unit)

SP140024 Special screw for press -TOUCAN BEAK- (bag with 1 unit)

SP140025 Special DUAL M8 screw for UNIVERSAL press (bag with 1 unit)

SP140026 Special screw DUAL-2 M8 for UNIVERSAL press -UPSILON- (bag with 1 unit)

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