Fecha de publicación: 25/01/2019
Preview 2019 / OSTORERO
Kurtis Novi Vespa Indy 1956
The Italian brand Ostorero has explained SlotCar Today its projects for this 2019. A program that adapts to the reality of slotcars according to Daniele Ostorero's own words:

"As we have seen, in 2018 slotcar has suffered a setback of interest and consequently sales worldwide."
"For this reason, Ostorero will continue with its special models, aimed at collectors, and begin as of February 2019 the proposal of 2 - 3 versions of the Kurtis-Novi Indy of 1956, a really interesting car for its particular elegance shape".

But the most important decision is explained by Daniele:

"The most important news is that in 2019 we will start manufacturing F1 and Indy single-seaters at 1:32 scale static version, with all the details that cannot be included in a slot car." "In this way we will check if the slot is still valid or there is a greater interest towards our static models."

In SlotCar Today we will be watching these 2019 proposals.

(Pic: Ed Dooley Art Collections)
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