Fecha de publicación: 29/01/2019
A112, Kadett, GTA, 2002
Some time ago the excellent news would have been that the Italian manufacturer BRM that reproduces slot models in 1:24 scale continued with its range of models of Group C, but the success of its small sports further enhances the novelties planned for this year.
Davide Vallese has assisted us to unveil part of the forecasts of this 2019 that already advanced comes loaded with new features.
"We are making two new versions of the R8 Gordini and two new versions of the NSU that will go on sale late February or early March." As soon as we have the final images, we will share them with SlotCar Today readers.
"After the excellent success of the first Mini Cooper versions we will market three new Mini liveries but reproducing classic versions".
And a first good news for fans and lovers of small cars. "The category grows with the Autobianchi A112 Abarth, from which we are finalizing the master to start with the molds".
"In addition, to be able to race against the TTS Ford Escort MkI we are working on a new Opel Kadett GTE that will go on sale at the same time as the Escort."
But the novelties of this category do not end here.
"To extend this category that we also hope will be welcomed by the previous one, we prepared an Alfa Giulia GTA and a BMW 2002. One of them will come out sure before the end of the year, ... or maybe both."
And finally, after the effort that has involved the consolidation of the "small", BRM returns with its Gr.C with the presentation of a new Porsche 962CK.
"The mold is ready from last year but will incorporate a metal chassis and we will also make an evolution kit for the old BRM Group C models, at an excellent price, for its re-launch" "A metallic chassis that will also be made for Classics and GT"
BRM also has some new liveries one for the Ferrari 512M Sunoco and the fourth Porsche 917K Gulf.
(The pics included in this news may not be the definitive BRM models)

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