Fecha de publicación: 17/12/2018
Four liveries at a time. JGTC - Le Mans
As announced, Revoslot is selling its new model, the Toyota Supra at 1:32 scale for slot, starting this week. And it does as usual in this brand, proposing four decorations at once. A model expected by fans who see how a hole that only Ninco capped years ago is covered. RevoSlot has been offering for the past year slot cars with high reproduction quality and good performance on the track thanks to the adoption of floating aluminum chassis of BRM origin.
Four first Toyota Supra that are put on sale reproduce models of the Japanese GT Championship and the first appearance of the Supra in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
The RS0028 corresponds to Team Tom's Castrol #36 that with Sekiya and Krumm entered the JGTC in 1995.
The two versions of the Team Sard Nippondenso correspond the #27 to the car of the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours with Krosnoff, Apicella and Martini at the wheel, and the #39 to the Supra that Krosnoff took in the JGTC of 1995.
Finally, the #6 of the Esso Tiger Le Mans Team corresponds to the one piloted by Noda and former motorcyclist Wayne Gardner in the fourth race of the 1999 JGTC.
All these four models will be on sale from this week but their availability may vary according to the forecasts of each distributor.

RS0025 Toyota Supra Esso Tiger #6 Noda/Gardner JGTC 1999
RS0026 Toyota Supra Team Sard #27 Krosnoff/Apicella/Martini 24 H Le Mans 1995
RS0027 Toyota Supra Team Sard #39 J.Krosnoff JGTC 1995
RS0028 Toyota Supra Team Tom’s Castrol #36 Sekiya/Krumm JGTC 1995

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