Fecha de publicación: 25/09/2018
First car of the New Collection.
Made with passion and illusion. The new Brunells Collection is the result of the initiative of Miquel Brunells Jr. to pay his particular tribute to his father, the racing driver Miquel Brunells, who in the sixties and seventies was one of the motorsport main protagonists in Spain, both for his driver qualities as for his well-known preparations.
The Brunells Collection begins with an exclusive Martin BM9, designed and manufactured by the British driver Brian Martin, and will continue with an extensive list of all the cars that Miquel Brunells piloted throughout his twenty years of trajectory. Lola T-290, Porsche 911, Seat 850, BMW 700, Seat 600 Abarth, Mini Cooper S, Unipower GT, Selex ST4 and Ford Fiesta, in multiple variants, are some of the 1:32 scale replicas planned. Models that Brunells has commissioned to Manel Espallargas (Slot Real Car) and that will have a limited edition of 25 handmade units. The fidelity of each one of the reproductions obliges to make a great quantity of exclusive pieces after a laborious process of documentation. It is the meticulousness of the collection promoter that guarantees that each of the collection components is an exact copy of the original car at 1:32 scale.
The first unit, the Martin BM9 FVC L4 # 6, reproduces the car with which Miquel Brunells and Brian Martin entered the 400 km of Barcelona held at the Montjuich circuit in 1972.
These models can only be purchased through the Brunells Collection website. It is in this web page where you can see some of the models, in pre production, that will follow this Martin BM9 in the next months.
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