Fecha de publicación: 01/06/2018

The brand that revolutionized slotcars returns to the tracks.
The big slot aficionados remember that distant 1996 when a brand broke the schemes of reproduction of cars at 1:32 scale for slot, then still mostly popularly known by the generic name of "scalextric", marketing some models in which the care for the detail overshadowed the existing offer.

From the first Dodge Viper (A01) from early 1997 until its demise twelve years later, Fly Car Model led and marked a path in the slot sector to which other manufacturers had to add to show their models on the shelves without blushing .

Fly Car Model did not overcome the economic crisis of the end of the first decade of this century, leaving a gap that with more or less success other companies try to cover using Fly Car Model materials and molds.
SlotCar Today can reveal exclusively that since this June 1, 2018, ten years after its closure, Fly Car Model returns to try to recover a position in the market. It is not the same company, if the same name, since the necessary time has elapsed for there to be no connection, but one of the names that lead this project does have a relationship with this rebirth.

Rafael Barrios Amilivia, until a few weeks ago Director of Fly Slot Cars, leaves this company and assumes the challenge of relaunching Fly Car Model, a company that his father founded but with which there is no business relationship. Together with him, a team of professionals closely linked to the sector sharing the illusion for this project.

Fly Car Model is going to market cars on already known molds of the brand, including the reissue of some mythical model, but paying special attention to long-awaited models. A brand that will manufacture and produce entirely in Spain, which is where Fly Car Model was born in 1996.

In a few days, SCT will be able to reveal the first images of the models that will begin to be commercialized this coming autumn.
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