Fecha de publicación: 07/05/2018
C TYPE / Universal Digital Chip / SLOT.IT
For Scalextric SSD, Carrera D132 and Slot.it oXigen systems
Slot.it calls it the digital systems Holy Grail. A unique in-car chip that allows the use of main SlotCar Digital Systems of the market, Scalextric SSD, Carrera Digital132 and oXigen, the own Slot.it system.
'Compatible' means that the chip performs like any SSD or Carrera 132 original system once the proper software is loaded. In other words, when appropriately programmed, you can use this chip on either Scalextric SSD, or Carrera D132, as if it was a 'standard' device for the said system.
Further details, download Slot.it Type C Manual.
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