Fecha de publicación: 04/01/2018
Ford GT, BMW M6 GT3, Nissan Skyline Gr.5, Toyota Celica Gr.5
A few days ago, Sideways announced some of the projects for this year 2018. Some of them in advanced stage of development, and others still in design process. Sideways has externally diversified the design of its models and this requires establishing different production schedule.
The Ford GT is one of the models planned for the GT3 category, to which the French brand is giving special relevance. Next to it a spectacular BMW M6 GT3 that seems to be delayed throughout the year.
And logically Group 5 continues to be one of the pillars of Sideways. This 2018 will be the turn of the Toyota Celica LB Turbo and the Nissan Skyline Turbo Gr.5.
There are no marketing dates for these four models or their planned liveries.
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