Fecha de publicación: 30/01/2018
Strong bet on the 1:24
The Carrera catalog for this 2018 has been unveiled this morning by Zot4Slot, the digital magazine of Stex Auer. We thank you from SlotCar Today your ability to get ahead and for now considering what we consider the importance of the news, we simply leave here the link to the news where you can see the complete catalog.
After a quick view, highlight the importance that Carrera gives to its Digital124 scale, with an extensive catalog of novelties. Highlight the Audi R5 DTM in its current version in both 1:24 and 1:32 and the Mercedes C63 in 1:32.
The Formula E has moved at the moment only to the Go Range! and to remark the news that we advanced yesterday on the Carrera Cam Car of virtual reality.
We hope to expand the news shortly.
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