Fecha de publicación: 18/11/2016
M.Basseng, F.Stippler, M.Rockenfeller, M.Fässler, Phoenix Racing, Nurburgring 24H 2015
PR. – SCX – NOV 2016

There is no more demanding circuit race than the 24 hour Nürburgring. Its 170 curves, spread along 25 km, explain why the German race track is also known as “The Green Hell”. Only the most experienced teams, the best cars and the most exigent pilots can afford to compete in one of the top races of the world’s automobile championship.

That is the case of the Phoenix Racing Team, the German team that, not for coincidence, has its headquarters next to the circuit. Its cars are always among the winner ones on the final victory, especially if we talk about the Audi R8 LMS, an almost 600 CV fierce, total traction, V10 motor and aluminum chassis. This model belongs to the 24 hour, 2015 Edition. Drivers are the German Marc Basseng, Stippler and Mike Rockenfeller (DTM Champion in 2013, also with the same team), and the Swiss Marcel Fässler. They were the ones responsible in getting the most of this machine, which is as pretty as magnificent. SCX slot car, in 1:32 scale, original and WOS system.
Official SCX video

Official SCX video
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