Fecha de publicación: 05/10/2016
Albert Boet
Welcome back, because we were always here.
Often a dinner conversation helps to unlock ideas, clarify thoughts sketches and launches a series of concepts that were staying there but does not joined in any way. And a long and friendly coffee with a good friend and companion of slot press, Jordi Sobrevalls, has allowed me to remove permanently an editorial that already weighed too heavily on SlotCar Today header.
We are seniors; we have spent many years in slotcar world, with different approaches but have finally matched in front of a keyboard. He deepening on a car and then another, in long-term treatment, and I putting information in daily dose pills, to stop bumps and anxieties of knowledge.
And in that conversation the usual topics; future, present and of course, good past memories. From the past everyone has their album, some probably still in Black and White; of the present, experiences shared and common concerns, and for the future ... future, this is where outcrop ideas, lethargic reasoning that suddenly the coffee awake.
And an idea jumps on the tablecloth. And what if the manufacturer has decided to throw in the towel on the relentless pursuit of the child audiences? And if the last visible signs begin to show that they, the people who got us into this years ago, believe that their business is again among the fans? One idea that gains strength as the conversation moves forwards leaving different contributions. The data from this, the gestures of another one, the videos beyond, marketing activities of the last, everything fits, it seems that the idea is not so misguided.
A promotional video with seniors replacing traditional children’s and parents, marketing actions promoting the purchase to race, deleted items from the catalog that suddenly reappear to offer fun to fans, models that can only recognize old rockers ... and a long and so it strengthens the idea.
On the way some have disappeared, but the remaining have in their sights the generation that made them grow. A generation that has purchasing power, a market niche much wider than the statistics may reflect. Wide enough to fit snugly in the production reduction that the crisis has forced.
Are less, have reduced productions, but fans never cease to be and instead slowly grow and enrich this generation of fans slot that has no age, they are simply older. Everything fits, they have become aware. If you want to stay in business the seniors are your goal. Welcome back, because we were always here.
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