Fecha de publicación: 17/10/2016
NSU TT / SIMCA 1000 / Small but Large / BRM & TTS
The smaller arrive at 1:24
Months ago Davide Vallesi of BRM showed the first prototypes of the new projects he was working with TTS, the company that developed the former Sidecar. BRM just informed us that at October 31th will put on sale the first Simca 1000 and NSU TT units. In total there are six versions of the Simca 1000, of which a mounting kit will also be sold, and five versions of the NSU. All with an innovative rear axle system that allows negative camber on rear wheels. On the role a negative camber improves grip in cornering, which seems essential in these small sport cars.
These new models will be sold in late October. The NSU marketed by BRM while Simca 1000 under the name TTS. Both models will have the same mechanics developed by BRM.
We expect to see what models are offered for sale to make a more appropriate presentation for each unit.
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