Fecha de publicación: 26/09/2016
PCR chassis for FREE / SUPERSLOT
By buying a model to race
Superslot, Scalextric Hornby Spain, just launched a commercial action to strengthen the presence of its cars in the races. For quite a few years, Superslot is pushing hard to increase the performance of their models. For it Hornby reached an agreement with Slot.it for the development of PCR chassis, designed to provide models of the British brand the plus needed to cope with guarantees the usual in the club tracks.
Now Superslot, Scalextric Hornby Spain, launched an unusual initiative intended to give a definitive accolade in the major championships. With the purchase of one of the models listed, delivers free a PCR chassis for the model. An excellent opportunity to test the quality of this chassis designed exclusively for competition.
All information on this initiative from specialist dealers.

Ford Sierra RS500 (Ref.: H/C 3738)
BMW E30 M3 (Ref.: H/C 3739)
Mclaren P1 (Ref.: H/C 3756)
Ford Sierra RS500 (Ref.: H/C 3781)
BMW E30 M3 (Ref.: H/C 3782)
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