Fecha de publicación: 14/03/2016
Assembled in Group C cars from May.

Slot.it just make known that as from the month of May, with the track start of the Porsche 962C Camel, all Group C models shall equip the new MX16 engine.
In fact, the same Slot.it reports that this substitution does not entail any change in the performance of the current cars. The new MX16 V12/4 engine provides 23,000 rpm at 12V and 170 g * cm while the MX06 V12/3, orange box, offered 21,500. Some data that according Slot.it in the last units was poorly specified as the engine truly offered 23,000 rpm.
The new MX16 engine is identical to MX06 and differs only in the red endbell that is now in one piece instead of two in orange ones.
This amendment has no other intention than to finally unify the production. Not constitute a change of performances so Slot.it considers that both the V12/3 as the V12/4 can race against together without appreciable differences.
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