Fecha de publicación: 12/02/2016
/ The biggest interview ever made
Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Opinion makers give their point of view on the current state of the slot.
Never before an interview of this size has been done. And less published in a newspaper. Twenty participants, main Slot actors of around the world have accepted the Slot Car Today challenge to answer three simple questions. With the answers, which I already advance that it is a text to read calmly, they will reveal the different viewpoints, different sensibilities and multiple desires of impermanence of this situation.
We wanted to fragment the results of this survey / interview into two parts to make it easier to read.
On Monday, 15th of February, twenty manufacturers, distributors, retailers and opinion leaders will surprise with his statements exclusively to Slot Car Today.

Monday 15th:

Is the Slot in the ICU? (Intensive care)?

Tuesday 16th:

What is the key to give oxygen to Slot?


What can we request the fans?

A fascinating read that reveals the causes of the current situation and the diversity of views on the exit door of this hole.

We advance a provisional list of participants in this interview (alphabetical order):

J.Alcaraz (Black Arrow), J.Aloy (AloyShop), J.Arceo (SCX-EducaBorras). A.Barrios (MoreThanSlot), R.Barrios Jr.(Flyslot), M.Bejarano (EvotecShop), J.Birley (Pioneer), C.Boyer (PSK), R.Carralero (Hornby Spain), M.Cellini (Tuttoslot), A.Chapeau (LeMansMiniatures) P.Cieza (SRC), M.Ferrari (Slot.it), I.Fowler (Gaugemaster), S.Fothersgill (PendleSlot), A.Jobal (SlotAdictos), D.Kennedy (Carrera N.A.), P.de Lespinay (LASCM-TSRF), M.Miret (Sloting Plus), J.Molist (HobbyProject), G.Montiglio (ThunderSlot), G.Noviello (NSR), A.Norman (SlotConsultant), D.Ripoll (Cartrix-Mitoos),
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