Fecha de publicación: 02/09/2015
McLAREN M6GT, Bruce McLaren personal car / MORE THAN SLOT
Virus Collection third Model
(PR-Sep.02.2015-More Than Slot)

Virus Collection third Model

McLaren M6GT

During the month of September we will launch our third VIRUS COLLECTION model, McLaren M6GT. This unknown model was a personal project of Bruce McLaren, founder of the F1 team that takes its name.
As we did with the previous VIRUS COLLECTION model, the 275GTB4 Spider, we are making two versions (with different bodies): A "racing" version of Le Mans 1981 for the French event lovers, and two Road Car versions, one in red, the personal car of Bruce McLaren in 1969 (which lacked mirrors) and only 10 units in orange on the McLaren M6GT body of Le Mans 1981, that in 1981 after the French race the car was repainted in that color.
As on previous occasions it will be a limited and numbered range, made of high quality resin by Proto Slot Kit exclusively for More Than Slot and will feature our corporate box as happened with Spider 275GTB4.
The first units of Bruce McLaren personal red Road Car will be available on September 15 and the 10 Orange Road Car units about a week after leaving for last the Le Mans 1981McLaren M6GT.
The originality of the model never done before (both as Road Car and Le Mans Racing) raised great expectations and we are getting a flood of reservation requests for the 3 models so we are compiling a reserve list.
To sign up for, please send an email to info@morethanslot.com before a week from today.
After the establishment of the list, we will confirm bookings by payment of price of the unit / s.
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