Fecha de publicación: 17/07/2015
Albert Boet
Palau changes lanes and still in the race ...
Some have described it as the temple of European slot, others as the Mecca of Hobby, and we could go on with the nice comments that have occurred following the news of the closure and relocation of the oldest slot shop, probably at world level. Palau, Casa Palau, Can Palau, has been for the past 80 years a landmark in the world of toys, hobby, in the city of Barcelona.
First of all I beg your pardon for trying this column with certain proximity, but the close knowledge of the establishment makes feelings overcome the logic of global news.
Palau Shop from Barcelona Pelai Street has been lived the slot from its commercial birth through today. Was the first, the only, and has maintained roller shutter up while a few others opened and closed, holding all the oscillations that have suffered this hobby. Its location, in the heart of the Barcelona shopping streets, which certainly gave it life over the years is that now takes away that life. Real estate speculation, the poor protection to the historical shops, has killed 80-year history, with 80 years of a member of the Palau family behind the desk. 80 years of experience showed in any sales, in any of the queries, and that the entire staff of Palau had well assumed. Consultants, almost slot encyclopedias, so it was the staff of Palau in Pelai Street 34, and Palau staff will remain so in the new locations.
We want to pay tribute to Anton Palau, current owner, not to take the easy way, and keep the name of Palau, Casa Palau, Can Palau in the collective memory of a city.
Even today, when a grandson wants a slot car item for Christmas, simply tell the grandfather to go to Palau. Needless indications, or websites, or GPS, or contact telephone. He knows the way by heart.
Again I apologize to those who believe that this is a free advertising. It is simply a return to those who probably made possible that today someone is reading this.
Palau has changed lanes but still in the race.
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