Fecha de publicación: 25/06/2015
MTS F1 Classic Collection
To announce the launch of its new project, the Williams FW08 with which Keke Rosberg was proclaimed in 1982 Formula 1 World Champion, More Than Slot starts a quiz for all the fans.
With a question, - easy -, More Than Slot gives the opportunity to earn three units of this new model.
This is a limited edition of 50 units, as is usual in the brand production, high-quality resin to 1:32 scale, designed and assembled by Manel Espallargas of Slot Real Car and with FlySlot mechanical.
As happened with the previous model Niki Lauda, in this model the helmet visor of Keke Rosberg is also movable.
MTS has chosen the Williams FW08 without front spoiler version to offer a distinctive product. And it is that during the 1982 F1 season, Williams experimented with aerodynamics several times, removing the front wing, and even Rosberg got his only Pole in 1982 without the spoiler. An accidental loss of spoiler in a GP allowed Williams to discover that the car run better with fewer down force in several tracks.
Moreover More Than Slot, MTS, has decided to separate models for collections and the new Williams FW08 F1 opens the MTS Classic Collection which surely will follow shortly the 6 wheels Williams, FW08D or FW07E. A collection in which there is long way to go.
F1 models of Turbo Era that was previously fitted in the MTS Collection passed to be referred as MTS Turbo F1 Era Collection.
More Than Slot offers a good chance to win completely free an excellent model in limited edition. Open to everyone.
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