Fecha de publicación: 21/05/2015

Funding has awards
The support for SCT gives access to collector's items
As all SlotCar Today readers know well, the contents of this on line newspaper are free of charge. This means that everyone has right on the screen, whether computer, tablet or mobile, all the information generated in the slot car field. This has led to a dramatic growth in audience up to figures that soon will reach five zeros.
As readers have also checked, advertising has become an indispensable toll to continue working every day in the search of interesting information for readers.
The slot segment is, we have said on numerous occasions, a complete vertical and narrow, very narrow, portion of hobby. We are who we are, and does not really give for many joys.
Our passion for information has led us to move forward but the approach of subsistence has forced us to consider various alternatives for capitalization.
The most obvious and the most widespread in all types of online media is the Pay Wall. A regular subscription to access to all or certain content. Discarded.
We like to get to all the fans for a very simple reason: From the beginning our particular commitment was to help spread and thus the growth of the slot car industry. Giving voice to all slot actors, whether large or small. And we sincerely believe that in three years we have maintained it.
So another possible alternative, also widely used, is the donation to support an activity that generates that the sector grow. The concept is interesting, but on SlotCar Today we would like to make a difference.
Yes, we will accept donations, soon you will see how, but in return, each donor will opt for a very special prize. And it is that according to our philosophy of promoting this hobby, of caring the collecting, we wanted to take part by offering everyone access to slot articles that will be genuine collector items. And all this for 2 € donation.

LOTTO SLOT is born.
SlotCar Today starts shortly LOTTO SLOT.
The Collectors items draw will be announced and on the same text may be made a established fixed donation. It depends on the item, but usually 2 EUR.
Among all donors, and maintaining the order of entry of income into the PayPal account, prize will be drawn and the winner will receive it at home with all expenses paid.
To select the winner a different system is used each time, but always linked to the world of motorsport. For example: the last four digits of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Pole, or the last four digits of the fastest RAC Rally third Special Stage time...
We thank from now all those who will participate in this initiative to support SCT and that certainly will not disappoint. It will help us continue to be on the screens. And the items to overcome, certified by manufacturers and Lotto Slot partners will surprise.
And LOTTO SLOT begins... shortly. Stay tuned!
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