Fecha de publicación: 25/03/2015
Brands are alerted because out there, "nobody knows what we are doing"
Juanma Muraday, Communication Consultant, linked for many years to the slot world, and author of Blog Nube de Juguetes, (Toy Cloud), recently published an interesting reflection on the official program of Ibertoy, Barcelona Toy Fair.
We publish the full text, sharing their thinking that we hope generate discussion and the activation of slot actors’ awareness, hesitant on this issue.

Why are you silent?

Brands are alerted because out there, "nobody knows what we are doing"

We live hyperconnected with multiple options to access the content that we wish at all times. Through different channels, a user searches, consume and interact with that content generators and other people with similar interests and perhaps other unrelated. When has worked better word of mouth?

We understand that people are not passive when it comes to consuming content and increasingly, purchases are conditioned by this previous baggage that shapes their decisions. It is for this reason that brands do not have to stop connecting with the audience, but as the famous hashtag of Twitter warns: is happening.

Divestments in TV for being expensive, in magazines or newspapers because paper dies, at events because it is not trendy, Internet only if it is free and still almost 50% of toy brands have no presence in the social networks and another 25% do a testimonial way.

Concern about costs and sales has cornered in many cases communication investment and we have returned to a time when brands are alerted because out there, "nobody knows what they're doing." They have a great product, but unknown. There is no single recipe, you have to locate fields where act more and participate in the communication flow.

Did you expect someone enters a store and buy you, for their own sake? Invite him and give reasons to pay attention to you.

Juanma Muraday
Communication Consultant
Nube de Juguetes
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