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"... Pink-Kar is a way of doing things, and that endure in this new era ..."
The news of the rebirth of Pink-Kar, almost ten years after the disposal of its latest model, has caused quite a stir among the fans. A brand that for over a decade followed a well-defined product line that connected with collectors. The Ferrari 250 GTO, Auto Union, Bugatti, Austin Healey, VW Beetle, 2CV and a long list of references, filled a gap in his day. Today, a new company has decided to continue this product line by signing with the same name that is already part of the history of the slot.

SCT.- In SlotCar Today we advanced the story few days ago. Pink-Kar returns to slot tracks. But is the same Pink-Kar or a new Pink-Kar?

Jordi EscolÓ.- It’s a new Pink-Kar, because the people behind are not the same, but is the same, in order that recovers the essence from the brand beginnings. In fact, the people who are in this new project are big fans of Scalextric / Triang / Exin products and authentic Pink-Kar enthusiasts.
Now, we want to retrieve those values that hooked us to slotcar and classic scale cars. Charming legendary cars, with that retro feel of the early slot age. Logically, the corporate image has been updated, but without losing the essence that made Pink-Kar the preferred brand for most demanding fans and collectors.

SCT.- Probably are little known but Jordi EscolÓ, current CEO of the new Pink-Kar, was in close touch with the brand during the birth in the early 90s. Reborn now that illusion that does not came to fruition?

Jordi EscolÓ.- No doubt that times are tough for any entrepreneur. We could not undertake this project without a large dose of passion and if I may say, of audacity.
Maybe now our challenge is even greater than what existed at the time of the birth of the brand. Although our project has a basis which are based on business logic, what really inspires to the team is emotion: the ability to realize our dreams and help to create the replicas of the most valued motorsports jewels.

SCT.- Behind Pink-Kar we find real passionate, slotcar collectors. Put back active the name of Pink-Kar, following similar operations that have been in the world of automobiles, it may seem a contradiction with the purest collector philosophy. Pink-Kar was a closed collection. Beginning and ending in 2009. How can you explain this new stage to collector without suffering by the value of their collection models?

Jordi EscolÓ.- Being collectors ourselves, our priority is the absolute respect and safeguard of the collector interests and desires, which is our reason to be. Nothing will change for them in terms of relation to their collections. Pink-Kar can still be considered a closed collection if one wants, taking this as a step change. This happens in other brands, where the change of manufacturer or dealer is marking stages that collectors adapt.
Having said this, I think that for the collector are welcome news the appearance of new Pink-Kar models. We understand that they want more. The public wants Pink-Kar and now we open another collection step, most exciting if possible.

SCT.- The new logo Pink-Kar has been changed in color. We understand that it has been wanted to use the name heritage, the remembrance that the fans have of the brand but the change of image represents the new stage.

Jordi EscolÓ.- Indeed, what we have done is an brand image update without losing its identity. When we start with the idea of continuing with the same name, we start from the basis to continue with the same concept and not to create confusion in the Pink-Kar enthusiast.
Pink-Kar represents a way of doing things, and that will live long in this new phase.

SCT.- Since SCT issued the news, have flowed hundreds of rumors, many caused by the brief information provided in order to create expectation. One is that the new Pink-Kar has the models molds.

Jordi EscolÓ.- No, we do not have the original molds.

SCT.- There are no molds. That means that the old models will be not reissued. But the truth is that there is probably a stock, made years ago, available for release. In what way those references will be managed? Will they take the opportunity to market different versions?

Jordi EscolÓ.- We have a collection fund, to be managed in different ways. On the one hand Pink-Kar fans may have some old references, but very limited, as they are the last units.
The rest will appear with new liveries and extending the Pink-Kar references. We believe it is important to offer new product, because the former is already commercially obsolete.

SCT.- We advanced that Pink-Kar philosophy is to maintain the previous product line. Are we talking about classic, great popular sport cars or racing?

Jordi EscolÓ.- Certainly we talk about classics, popular sports cars and competitive, but especially of these models that for its history and enchantment touched the hearts of all motorsport fans. Those cars that marked periods and styles and that we like to see in our tracks or in our showcases.

SCT.- When the brand disappeared left models in advanced stages of development into the drawer. Will see the light those models that never reached the shelves?

Jordi EscolÓ.- Each case will be considered individually. The truth is that it has been a long time and some of these developments have been reproduced by other brands, or in other cases have to see if per product type fits perfectly in the Pink-Kar line.

SCT.- Can make some progress about how it will, or even better which one will be the first new model? When is scheduled for release this model?

Jordi EscolÓ.- That will have to wait a bit. We must leave something for the surprise and speculation. It's part of the game. What we can anticipate is that the first model that will come out will exceed the expectations of Pink-Kar enthusiasts.

SCT.- Technological developments have allowed the reproduction of slot models at 1:32 scale with a fidelity unthinkable even a decade ago. However there are cars, there are manufacturers who follow a logical product trend, which we may call standard. A hyperrealism of course makes the product more expensive and often makes it unfeasible for the business continuity. Looks like a good collectible car had to have that air, that similarity with the production of the sixties in terms of aesthetics in which was not seen so did not need to replicate it. Which path chooses Pink-Kar?

Jordi EscolÓ.- Pink-Kar adopts that standard in the reproduction for many reasons. Perhaps the most important is that we believe that has been reached a point of hyperrealism that we consider it more static models that slot car itself. All hyperrealism (even in "things not seen") makes the final product expensive, forcing to extend runs for the amortization of the molds when in fact the general public cannot absorb the number of models produced, nor its price.

SCT.- Facing the production of a new slot model is a big investment. Manufacturing in Spain supposed to give up a reduction in production costs. What is the way chosen by Pink-Kar to carry out the project?
Where will have Pink-Kar the headquarters and assembly facilities and logistics?

Jordi EscolÓ.- Our manufacturing setting is Spain, and it is not by pure quixotic. In Spain there are great professionals, unfortunately, sometimes with little work. The big four-and does not-so-great in plastic slotcars, manufactured in China. But this is equivalent to having to make large print runs, so that prices are competitive. When this is transferred to a small structure, which does not poses a big production, you try to compensate for the difference in cost through domestic spending containment.
Now, Pink-Kar returns to the market, considering that according to our estimates, only 2 out of 10 cars will stay in Spain and the rest are internationally dispersed. Therefore, we are a company that operates in the network and only on the network.
We mainly headed to the end user, although it is clear that there may be situations ahead for distributors in some areas, in order to group and minimize transport costs or even to facilitate closeness and access to spare parts themselves.
Our location, or better, the location of our product is practically that of our suppliers, from shaping the product from start to finish is always in the process of traffic, so we can say that our products except the engine, shall be manufactured entirely "made in Spain".

SCT.- Injected plastic bodyworks, Tampo printing, so far seems obvious. But what about the dynamic parts? Will it have plastic chassis? And the components will be own or accessories of other brands?

Jordi EscolÓ.- In terms of production systems will be maintained, although properly updated, the patterns of previous manufacturing. Our product involves making entirely of plastic with own components.
However, there will be no problem in evaluate the possibility of agreements with third parties, if it means a saving in manufacturing and improvement. We will not close the door to collaboration with other manufacturers with which we can complement each other and improve in quality and cost.

SCT.- We advanced also in the brief introduction that Pink-Kar would make very short runs of each reference. This usually causes that the fans associate it with a higher price.

Jordi EscolÓ.- From Pink-Kar we will not make our products unreachable. Quite the opposite. We wanted to be accessible to the public, without double prices, one output and then another one in offer. No, it will not be. The models will have the appropriate price from the beginning.
The reduced structure, dedication to the craft assembly and distribution itself should help to contain the costs associated with production.
If anything, short runs will make that fans have to be quick on their purchases if they do not want to stay without any references.

SCT.- Globalization, access to information, the speed of that information has radically changed the concept of market. Pink-Kar of course does not aspire to a local market. The estimation of output has been done studying the ability of global demand? Do you have rates of product demand by countries?

Jordi EscolÓ.- The current reality is that Pink-Kar has an important market outside Spain. The distribution will be through our website, which we will launch shortly in www.pink-kar.com.
We will also be present on the main social networks from which will inform of new releases, general information, trivia, etc. In short, we are sure shall be areas of great interest for fans and collectors. It will serve for us as a site of close encounter with them, to hear their point views and wishes, and do not forget, Pink-Kar returns to refill the space left empty to more knowledgeable collectors, when Pink-Kar was inactive.

SCT.- The new Pink-Kar website is going to be active soon. Can you advance us what we will find in it? Will Pink-Kar market their models Worldwide via the own site? When will it be operational?

Jordi EscolÓ.- Website will be operational in a short time. In it we will sell directly Pink-Kar models worldwide, but it will not be just a store. On the Web, the Pink-Kar collector will find information on all references. Gradually it will be extended and improved. It would be the Pink-Kar Collector's Guide. Is common to use forums or fan sites that have compiled information because the manufacturer official website, or does not exist, or it is not what is needed. Pink-Kar provides that information firsthand.
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