Fecha de publicación: 20/02/2014
Luis Pachón / SRC General Manager 
"... SRC will manufacture only 1020 units of each reference ..."

"... SRC will manufacture only 1020 units of each reference ..."

In our recent visit to the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, Slot Racing Company surprised us in several ways. Many things have changed since their first appearance at the Fair last year. But, first things first. Luis Pachon, Slot Racing Company General Manager, reveals to SlotCar Today in what consists this new phase of the slot company.

SlotCar Today -. In order to understand these changes first we should need to know the business changes that have occurred at the Slot Racing Company organization chart level.

Luis Pachon. - No, it has not been a change in General Management, has been created a General Management and is created to lead the company with rigor and good judgment.

SCT -. We understand that this change at the top of SRC means a different way of understanding the Slot as a business?

LP- Sure, from SRC we left looking at the slot as a toy and we go with it to collecting, with what this implies in terms of quality standards, productivity and image.

SCT.- The changes in the SRC logo is to give meaning to this new stage, so that the business turn is understand?

LP- The logo change is a message to the market. We say: "We are here, we have not given us, we will do well and we will not mislead the market coming back under a new brand, assuming our mistakes, assuming suffered deceptions, but we believe in ourselves."

SCT.- In Germany were unveiled new projects, an extensive program for 2014, but fundamentally, the abandonment of a product line. The resin models disappear as one of the priorities of SRC?

LP.- Indeed, resin models is one business line rejected from SRC because they fail the standards of quality that the firm has been marked.

SCT - Slot fans have become accustomed to associate the manufacturers with certain models type policy, grouped according to the periods of the cars that reproduce, the themes or the emphasis in a category. What is the profile of fan who wants to get SRC in its new phase?

LP.- The fan profile we reached is the demanding collector, the seeker of exclusivity and the passionate about motor racing.

SCT. - Once defined the brand target , there is always this other great amateur who does not want to give up demanding best track performances to the models. How far can reach the offer of Slot Racing Company in terms of performance?

LP.- The new references that we produce from this year provide enhancements in performance and we did not forget this line. We will continue improving our products so that our cars are competitive.

SCT. - Some of the models provided for the resin range were classic F1 cars. Now they pass to the plastic injection model range.

LP.- We decided to go all out and develop these models in great detail. We are very satisfied with the quality of reproduction that we have reached with them.

SCT -. From what we know, the entire production of Slot Racing Company will be done in Spain. The Alicante Toy Valley is slowly recovering its production capacity. Can be manufactured in Spain today with the quality of the Asian manufacturers, and more importantly, at similar prices to those there?

LP.- Spanish quality and productive capacity have always been better than Asian. Undoubtedly the checking each of the production process thanks closeness, the ease of language and ongoing communication guarantees our premise: Quality. It is more expensive to manufacture in Spain but it is also very important for us to invest in Spain. We will remain competitive.

SCT. - Were rumors in Germany that SRC are not going to produce more Capri models. Probably the last was the one made especially for H-T, the German distributor. Will return the SRC Capri to slot tracks or fan shelves?

LP.- We depend now on demand from our fans, and we leave no door closed but the production expected for this year will cause that the fans "park" their need for Capri.

SCT -. The list of proposals for 2014 is long, attractive and has captivated the fans. We understand that implementing the entire production process in Spain means some development periods, tooling, production, assembly and so on which is a significant amount of time lapse. How long has Slot Racing Company working on the relocation of the production chain?

LP.- We have been working on these changes since I took charge of the SRC Management, a laborious work, but that will pay off soon.

SCT -. Lola T600, Porsche 914, BMW 3.0C, BMW 2.8 CS, Opel Kadett GT / E, F1-70's, Matra 670, Porsche 935, ... and some of them starting in April. The schedule is narrow. When will we start to see a car in the stores?

LP.- The first models that will come out are the Lola T600 Le Mans, the Matra 670 B and the Porsche 914, we are doing everything possible to be back on the market in April, with a tolerance of 30 days above 30 days below. And by the way, in terms of production line and new business model, SRC will produce only 1020 units of each reference, and I reiterate only, of which only 1000 of these will be marketed, the other 20 will stay at home.

SCT -. Slot Racing Company is an active enterprise in social networking and keeping in touch with fans. The corporate website is a basic tool. Will we see changes in this regard? Will have SRC direct sales through its website?

L.P. - Yes of course. We have created a specific Marketing and Advertising Department for this. Will have a website soon with a new design matching the new business line, and we shall still be active in social networks to update our fans, answer their queries and questions, and to support this passion that we share, in clubs and events throughout the year.
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