Fecha de publicación: 28/11/2013
Origin and Destination
Every country, every nation, are accustomed to make a once a year a sort of review and evaluation of how it went and as the year ends. The opposition usually accustomed to pulling ears and enumerates the list of things promised and unfulfilled.
In the world of slot, there is no a Parliament where the great, medium and small, - we have to call all of them to account-, defend their strategies and justify their actions. Make no mistake, not only to the big, being great, we should call them to account. It is true that are those who are holding the reins of the slot that generated slot fans born under a Christmas tree.
Wow, we will arrive always at the same concept! Christmas. It is our destiny and like it or not our origin.
We talked about to demand accountability to the main slot actors. Let us make the opposition! And this is written by a journalist, which keeps the newspaper active through the support of advertisers so that readers read it for free; suffering calls and emails for speaking often too much, who knows what it means to "kill the messenger".
The most regular readers of SlotCar Today have noticed that the last month the big have turn on the tap of new products. Among the big four added in October and November the large percentage of this new products appeared in 2013. Throughout the year they have periodically offered us candies, is the maintenance fee of the segment of fans and collectors. Can, nor should, not lose touch with them.
We cannot compare the volume of apparitions with what we experienced a few years ago, but honestly, we cannot complain. The drop wise has been constant. They have fulfilled? They have not been aggressive; there made not many surprises, very obvious cars. They have probably done a sure bet.
Large brands remain faithful to its product policy, but their season finale, unless will soon surprise us, has been clearly different. His product campaign has been designed exclusively for that, to attract the attention to the store shelves at a very general audience. Throughout the year they have offered staggered their "must" with an excellent reception. But as always the great fans require their favorite brands a constant evolution tighten them as when the slot lived best times.
These manufacturers may also have picked up the product vacuum left by the withdrawal of Revell, and the delay confirmed a few days ago by AutoArt to SlotCar Today, for the appearance of their products until 2014.
Behind them, -it’s a way to sort, does not mean a ranking-, are the major suppliers of products for slot fans, those who try to share the market betting more and more for fans that link them to a type of motorsport culture. Manufacturers of plastic models with true lovers of motor racing history behind it, and that are aware that their output is far from the big figures. And that any of the Christmas campaigns of the big ones also will drag part of their sales. But this is not their war. Theirs is to captivate and convince model to model, novelty after novelty and unlike those four bet on models that can be made profitable with different liveries and versions. They have specialized in racing ages, races, drivers, into categories, looking for that niche market they believe will give them the appropriate revenue.
In 2013 makes were born, but not without complications, even with internal crises, but clearly betting on what we mentioned above, with a well-studied end user. Others have dropped and several others spent months stopped in the pits hoping that the crisis that affects all slow too those are still adding laps.
And the handcrafted pieces? Slot resin cars? Very limited editions? We have spent several years in which the concept of resin models has changed. From the artisan piece, those handcrafted, hand assembled with understandable waiting times by fans, has gone to industrial craftsmanship, custom made in distant countries. Big slot brands or brands that have grown with their excellent performances aim to keep the craft touch in models born in assembly line. Legal and laudable to offer models impossible to monetize made in plastic. Are those closest to the static models than good slot car models for track racing. But there has also been a decline in the volume and a postponement of scheduled appearances. And the price that marks the border still affects him. They are responsible that when we narrate what happens in this hobby we are unable to explain to a foreign, how passes someone to wish, at age six, a Slot Set under the tree, to want a slot car 50 years later.
Indeed, as we said before, Christmas is our origin and our destination.

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