Fecha de publicación: 19/12/2012
We choose the Group B by the change that represented in the world of rallying, and that coincides with our project in the slot world.
It seems that this year 2012 has been favorable to the slotcar world. One after the other the notice of the appearance of new brands have been splashing every month not without surprise by fans attending to entrepreneurial projects in full time of economic crisis. The last news was the appearance of Original Slot Cars with attractive staging as well as intriguing by the few facts that surfaced.

Today we open a little more the focus to shed light on Original Slot Car in an interview with José Miranda, one of the heads of the Spanish brand.

SCT. - In the short history of SLOTCAR TODAY, seven months, we have seen a peak of slotcar activity but we understand that the OSC draft has a longer running time.

OSC. - A project of the size and the aspirations of ours cannot be improvised. Our first product will be the result of more than a year of work over which we will place the basis of the company.

SCT. - No one enters in the slotcar world without a previous hobby baggage, without a passion for this hobby. In OSC, as in every company should have the fan who tries to mark its way, the entrepreneur who channels and controls that passion and the genius of marketing to find the way of business viability. Could we put names to OSC?

OSC.- In fact we would not entered if there is no passion in the hobby. However, OSC has been looking for a long time and has chosen a team formed by the best professionals in each field being only the whole and perfect engagement among them all that gives OSC that plus.

SCT. - At first there was speculation on the relationship of the business group linked to OSC with high competition automotive companies that the first models would be track GT, but when you unveiled the video presentation of the brand, from the monsters of the asphalt is passed to the mythical monsters of the stages, those unforgettable Group B.

OSC.- By our professional profiles we have extensive experience in the world of racing, from F1 to Moto GP through 24H Le Mans and GP2. This can give a small idea of the level of technology used in the OSC product development. But we thought a good way to start our business would do in a category that marked a before and after in the competition, which we aim to achieve with our project.

SCT. - What is hidden behind the choice of Group B? Passion for rallies, or market research?

OSC-We cannot hide our love for the rallies, but a project of this magnitude has to sustain on reliable information, the study was part of the 1st phase of the project, as unquestionable step to define the viability. All of this goes together in our way of understanding the hobby in both reproduction and performance that we believe were not covered on the market.

SCT. - We haven’t stated yet, but we understand that the new OSC models will be injected in plastic. Own Technology?

OSC.- Yes, our cars will be manufactured in injected plastic. All the technology of design, development and production are ours.

SCT. - From long ago, and since the appearance in his day of Fly Car Model, detail of slot car is an asset that fans do not forgive. We understand that the experience in this sector ensures that we will enjoy authentic scale replicas. Oh, and at 1:32, right?

OSC. - Yes, 1:32 scale. One of the most important features of our product is the adaptation to slot model without losing a single detail of the real model, particularly the bodywork. We work hard in the detail without forgetting the relevance of mechanics to enjoy our cars in competition.

Will continue…/
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