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The Spain Slot Racing Championship, in this its seventeenth edition will be held on October 19-20-21.
The work of the years has become in the world largest concentration of slot racing.
Joan Basas, President of the Catalan Association of Slot, (ACS), has long been at the forefront of the highest concentration of slot. No one better than him to explain what the attendees will find in this edition held at the Igualada village fairgrounds near Barcelona.

SCT. - One more year and already 17, the Spain Slot Racing Championship becomes the meeting point for the majority of slot drivers. What does offers this year the ACS to the entrants?

Joan Basas. - Entrants are offered a full Slot weekend pass and have fun in a spirit of companionship and to culmination, and as always we added something of actual motor racing. This year we will enjoy of a Pegaso Z102 without his body (ready for restoring) with all the mechanical elements in sight, making the delight of lovers of the mechanics of the 50s and 60s. We also we will show two great racing cars, a Group B Rally and other track car.

SCT. - What differences will find people attending Igualada in this three-day competitions compared to previous years?

J.B.- I suppose for those that follow the championship year after year, it seems like always, but this year we have two fine circuits for racing 1/24 with entries record in one of the categories. And at 1/32, with four butterfly-shaped circuits, we also have full entries. As for this year's Rally-Slot will be used 10 layouts for both 1:32 and 1:24 scales, reversing the direction of all of them.

SCT. - I suppose that the crisis affecting the hobby industry moves into the world of competition? How faces the ACS the possible decline of entries?

J.B.- We are making slot racing more affordable and as a reward of a long season. So that some of them are a semi endurance final race from a more extensive Championships which take place in different regions. In this way we ensure an excellent registration but it is a true championship final. In Rally-Slot we limit the entries to the maximum number of drivers who can race the schedule and facilitate the atmosphere of the competition as healthy as possible. All this waiting see an increase in entries in future editions.

SCT. - Viewing the competition program, the organization has removed some events. Including the hill climb that was one of the most popular event.

J.B.- Yes, the hill climb, that neither was organized last year, is a very dramatic test, but due to the enormous mounting work, for the moment we are unable to program it. In addition this year, anticipating the date of Championship, we are still more difficult to mount, because we have fewer days for the occupation of the fairgrounds.

SCT. - Also observed some increase of events of 1:24 scale.

J.B.- Yes, the 1/24 scale is becoming more popular in slotcar races. Being generously largest car and more stable people enjoy it very much. Also today, thanks mainly to Scaleauto RTR cars, this scale has become one of the favorite races of the fans.

SCT. - On the other hand seems to grow the manufacturer exhibition spaces for visitors. This is another aspect that the ACS promote and always seems to be maintained and even expanded. Are taking more prominence the paragraph Festival than Racing at this year's Slot Racing Festival?

J.B.- Right, is what we are trying to promote for a number of years. But manufacturers are also affected by the crisis and some of them are absent. It's a shame because this extraordinary championship is also an extraordinary "Slot Racing" Festival, which is the correct name of our hobby, although some people only use only the name Slot.

SCT. - May anticipate what news we can see in Igualada this weekend and what manufacturers will be present in the Slot Racing Festival?

J.B.- The brands that will be displayed in alphabetical order: Carrera, Concept System, DS Electronics, Kyosho, MB Slot, MSC, Ninco, Octane, Racer-Sideways, SCX, Scaleauto, Slot.it and Top Slot. A true slot fair.

SCT. - Attendees and public are key stakeholders in this Slot Racing Festival. Not so much to see activities of drivers in competitions but to enjoy the different brands demonstrations. Drivers paid entries for each race register. Do visitors paid entry fee?

J.B.- Riders pay only registration, which also includes a free admission to a companion, but visitors will have to pay the symbolic price of 2 Euros. These two euros, also include sweepstakes for two weekend travel and a sporty driving training course at Parc Motor at Castellolí Circuit that will be raffled at the end of the Championship.

SCT. - In short, what are the objectives that have been raised the ACS with its Slot Racing Festival?

J.B.- I can seem pretentious, but some of the following points have been fulfilled:
Bringing together the maximum possible brands; the world biggest slot fair. Reflect of the reality of the Spanish Slot as a world leading industry. Being the National, European and Global slot competition epitome. To be the best vehicle for the general public to know in live the producers news, with the added value of the possibility to test the product. Being the best and biggest slot entertainment area in Europe. Being the highest point of meeting and exchange of experiences between clubs and slot fans.
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