“… we want to run our own race”

The former Commissioner of the FIA and Vice President of the Spanish Automobile Federation,
The former Commissioner of the FIA and Vice President of the Spanish Automobile Federation, Joaquin Verdegay, is one of the partners of the new "SRC" brand, Slot Racing Company, officially founded a few months ago but with a long business planning process.
Joaquin Verdegay is also President of the Commission of the FIA officials, Deputy Member of the FIA World Motor Sport Council, President of the Classic Car Committee of the Spanish Federation, and a few months ago we saw him on the departure podium in Barcelona, driving a R5 Alpine, during the Historic Monte Carlo Rally, participating in the celebrations of the R5 Alpine 40th anniversary.
The reason for this brief profile allows us to better understand what we now know of the projects, not too far from the new slot brand, "SRC", Slot Racing Company.

SCT. - From Joaquin Verdegay we know their lawyer profiles, official positions in national and international automobile institutions and his great love for classic cars. But it was not known his relationship with the slot world. Entrepreneur? Business opportunity, or passion for this segment of the hobby?

JV.- In fact all three, and I begin by explaining the last. I am fan of the scale models since childhood, both racing cars, as military vehicles, aircraft and ships, got to build more than three hundred, and especially I am passionate about racing cars and his history, ie the ideal "cocktail" to enter this business.

But is that really that the team of investors that we got into this adventure, we do believe to be in front of a great business opportunity, even in this time of crisis, so we decided forward, forming a diverse group of people, all professionals or entrepreneurs.

And finally, I think we all share a passion for making enterprise, and with this vocation of entrepreneurs-we all are-we are working.

SCT. - For the data to which we have access, the founding team of SRC, is strong in several fields, from the business with strong international experience, as in the case of Pedro Cieza Nozal, former President for the American Continent of Johnson Wax, to more artistic side with the presence in the team of Ars Fundum CEO, Miguel Soler-Roig Juncadella, which also has a very important family racing heritage. But also have the invaluable assistance of those who were ideologues of a great Slot brand, sadly defunct, Fly Car Model. A great team for a great project.

JV-The truth is that has been you who said it, we believe that the team is well suited to tackle this project because it is balanced between pure entrepreneurs that should strictly control the management of that business, and the "fans" of race cars we enjoy choosing and deciding dreamed models to run, and overseeing the work of the best artists in the world.

In summary, our intention is to create a solid company that makes a great job, both in terms of product-in which we want to be the best and being recognized as such by the market, and in terms of the strength of the company, especially in these times, is a very important matter to endure.

We are here to stay, and this can only be the result of doing, not "very good reproductions," but the best, everyone expected to find, and no one has been able to produce by their limitations, and all in a business profitability context that allows us to maintain the financial stability of the company.

SCT. - The first information that came to us from creating Slot Racing Company to us talked about a first catalog with a range of models that they quickly moved us to the time of Fly Car Model. Can we consider SRC as the heiress from the Fly spirit?

JV-If we talk about "spirit" without hesitation I would say yes, and would also be an honor for all of us that the market perceived that way. If we're talking strictly about business, we're not Fly Car Model, but supported in their spirit and in their tradition, we begin in the quality standards that marked Fly, and thereafter improve bringing our new company values.

We could say that they that were the soul of Fly, have joined us, new partners, or we to them, to create a new company that aims to improve the product that reached make Fly.
We are confident that we will get, and I would urge that we comment it when leaving our first models.

SCT. - It was clear from the beginning that SRC would do slot models with philosophy learned from Die Cast. High fidelity, proliferation of detail, and variations on the same model. Was a bit surprised the decision to open two main lines, one modeled in resin and other plastic injected. Can you explain this decision?

JV. - Well, it's simple, the resin allows us to manufacture quickly, a new model can be finished in less than four months from concept car, and with fidelity detail level, but we have against that the series are smaller (you can not produce more than 400 or maybe 500 units per mold), and that the unit price is higher.

The plastic on the other hand implies a much more mold cost, more than three months over the production process, that is going to six or seven months from the idea, but we have in its favor that with the same mold we can reach s manufacturing dozen thousands of copies, and therefore, the amortization of the mold allows the unit cost of each car is lower, and therefore the retail price.

On these parameters, we decided to focus on the resin to make small vintage cars series, that are mostly legendary cars, and leave the plastic to cars that will be reproduced on variations of the same model, and thus arrive a much higher production figures.

SCT. - When we announced in SLOTCAR TODAY the news of the Formula 1 range from the 70's, the response from our readers around the world was unanimously positive. When it became known that was resin were created certain misgivings relating to the final price. We understand that the resin issues are very limited. Who sets the price the supply or demand?

JV. - Price is determined by supply and demand, but I think we'll be able to get a top quality product at a very reasonable price and competitive in the market. I'm sure in our own Premium quality, creativity and innovation, will be feasible for end consumers detect and verify that our models are superior to others of lower quality but higher price.

SCT. - In his day Fly Car Model opened the way for new slot cars as collectibles. This caused a change in trend among collectors, at a time of economic boom, which that brand became the paradigm in slotcar collecting. Today is a remnant of those neo collectors’ orphans of supply. But the global economic situation is not the same. What business approach has SRC both for its range of resin and their plastic models. What’s the SRC models buyer profile?

JV-The global market reputation that managed Fly Car Model was not accidental or free, was the result of a job well done by a Spanish company, so I think it would be a healthy and logical aspiration try to fill the void in the market that left Fly Car Model.

Our models, both resin as plastic, have a reproduction quality and tampo printing exceptional, world-class, but their prices will be competitive, appropriate to the consumer profile we want to go, and that certainly will appreciate the added value of our products.

But we can not forget some important questions: the first, which, fortunately for them, not all countries are in a bad economically situation as Spain, the second, the unit price of a slot car, either resin or plastic, is not an unattainable amount, or comparable to a work of art, for example, the third, that neither intend nor can we draw dozens of different models to the market each year, so that end customers neither take the risk of unexpected multiplying effects on their buying budgets.

And, as a counterpoint to what I just said, we can not forget that we will make a Prime product, and if we are doing the best scale replica of the world, I am confident that consumers will pay a premium price for a premium product, of superior quality. This regulation applies to all markets and all products.

Do not want to get into price wars, but quality, not wanting to "win races to other competitors in the market," but we want to run our own race, we want our product so different from the rest of the market, which is SRC stand out from is its uniqueness.

And finally, as to the final question, the SRC models buyer profile, both resin as plastic, we believe it is the collector, and an important percentage of sales will be completed outside Spain.

SCT. To another manufacturer recently born we would probably ask not for this question, but with the letter of intent of SRC it is forced. We understand that the brand does not aspire to make cars with dynamic features that allow them to extraordinary performance on the track, to stand up to any chrono, but despite that the range of resin is almost entirely destined to stand under the showcase light, can advance to us their abilities on the track? Injected cars, will also have racing versions closer to the club competition?

JV-Effectively our idea is that the resin models, but can roll perfectly on a track- with worthy performance for amateur/familiar- slot level, are mostly collectible models, allowing its owner to dream and remember other times seeing them in motion, but injection models are intended for use on the move, and have a structural configuration, engine positioning, including an engine type, etc., designed specifically to improve performance.

I would also like to comment that while the models competing in a race have similar dynamic performances, the race will be fair and fun, and if competing cars are beautiful, the aesthetic of the show will be much greater than if only fast, do not you think? Or put another way, we are aware that in our brand prevails the cult to aesthetic perfection, that to the pure fast performance, which prevents not far from our customers to make slot racing fun and raced.

SCT. - Have become known two classical models and a current GT of the plastic range. This 33% of current models will be standard in the annual catalog? By the way, the natural years of the catalog from July to July has a certain commercial explanation?

JV-In terms of percentage of current or former models, 33% I think it's just bad luck, and that is the interest of the models themselves, whether current or former, which determine their production.

For the annuities of the catalog, July to July is the reality of this year 2012 and 2013, but if the market prefers, we are willing to adapt this criterion. It is a matter of honor this form of organization of the catalog.

SCT. - Since we announced the news of the brand, there have been many who have been interested in knowing the commercial network and distribution of SRC. When can we access to a brand website for all the details and projects?

JV-Well I hope that very soon, because we are keen to offer our customers many additional data of real cars emulated by our models, and we want to have a living and active contact with our customers.

We also plan to expand the production to other slot components and accessories. Even, we want to evaluate through the website, if there is sufficient interest among collectors to manufacture other products that have never been done in static models with our level of finish, quality and fidelity of reproduction.

SCT. - The economic crisis leads to greater popular awareness and even discussion on business site location and the location of production. What approaches has been made SRC about the origin of their products?

JV - Slot Racing Company, is primarily a Spanish company, our head office is in Madrid, and the business and commercial activity in Spain will focus 100%. Nevertheless, otherwise how could it be, we intend to sell our products all over the world, and therefore we will also make them in Spain, and in any other country in which we ensure that quality we demand, reliability and a good price.
In short, even though a large percentage of sales are exports, the company headquarters will remain in Madrid.

SCT. - Slot Racing Company has date of birth, but when will we see the first model on track?

JV-I hope that by the end of September we can see the early prototypes, and in October the first definitive models.
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