Bycmo prepares an offer for the slot clubs worldwide
Joan Andres Berenguer, owner of Bycmo, one of the greatest brands in RC, is determined to introduce definitively motorbikes into the slot world. Since the presentation of the ISS motorbikes (Interactive Slot System) at the 2009 Nuremberg Toy Fair, the product does not ceased to develop, but its introduction has been slow and laborious. SLOTCAR TODAY previously reported that Bycmo had recovered the licensing and distribution rights of the previous manager and now it want to return to enhance their use among the fans.

"In Bycmo we believe blindly in our product." Manifested J.A.Berenguer. "We have traveled to major events where ISS Motorcycles have thrilled the attendees and where the fans enjoyed with their driving."

S.C.T. -What's missing to settle definitely the product?

J.A.B. - We think that the great target for slot motorbikes are clubs, with their large tracks where the bikes can reach their full potential in terms of performance and functionality. A standard domestic track is probably somewhat short and too twisty to get all the juice to our motorbikes. The spectacularity of the long laid, the laid changes that caused bonded curves, the preparation in straight to face a curve, that only allows a long circuit.

S.C.T. And...?

J.A.B. -Think you're talking about a product with a lot of technology, with a large investment in R & D which for us was somewhat easier because we have the experience of the RC. But I would like fans made a little reflection. When you buy an high-end car to compete, either rallying or speed-endurance, you will draw hardly any performance on a domestic track. It will be at the club long tracks or shops where you shall prepare it and where really you will enjoy with. So, why did not extrapolate it into the world of ISS Motorbikes?

S.C.T. - Here is where a new Bycmo proposal comes?

J.A.B. - More or less. We shall continue to develop the product, probably in mounted kit so that each can assemble his own team, as in the current reality of world motorcycling. We have an excellent base and over it will we work. But the first step will be open the door to all slot clubs in the world to make a bit of ambassadors from the Bycmo bikes.

S.C.T. - Worldwide?

J.A.B. - Yes, all the clubs worldwide who wish to enjoy of good motorbikes grids and ISS Motorcycle racing.

S.C.T. - Managed directly by Bycmo?

J.A.B. - Our facilities in Castellbisbal, in Barcelona, have the capacity to manage the entire theme with all the guarantees required for a promo like this.

SCT-How is that particular Bycmo Promotion?

J.A.B. - In a few days will be revealed, but I can advance that the promo is for all slot clubs all over the world. We provide that they can organize good slot bikes racing, managing themselves the grid that Bycmo put at their disposal at an very special affordable price,. And if in addition the club present its competitions calender in which have been scheduled Bycmo motorbike races, relationship with the factory can be extended even further with some very special conditions of product.

S.C.T. We'll see ISS Motorcycles grids in clubs, with Championships and even an occasional Bycmo World Championship?

J.A.B. - It is early to say. Let's see the answer we have from fans and especially from clubs, which is who would channel through the promo. But we do not discard nothing. Remember that we have spent many years organizing Bycmo RC competitions, and we know well the secrets of the competition.

S.C.T. - We can nail a little more in that ISS Moto promo?

J.A.B. - We will explain fully in just a few days, but from this space you offer me, I would like to call upon all the slot clubs in the world to watch this space or the slot media to which they are accustomed. The proposal surely are going to like.

As we were talking with J.A.Berenguer, background was not a sound or RC, or the rolling of a slot motorcycle. The beautiful roar of a Bugatti T37 Sport, just arrived from a rally in Italy, that was being set-up, exercised as a interview backdrop. J.A. Berenguer, a Hobby businessman, are collector of great pieces of the history of motorsport, assiduous of the best classics events. And in the adjacent premises to Bycmo restores the Hispano Suiza that better look at any private collection.

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