312T4, RS10, CAPRI, 907, GINETTA...
villeneuve arnoux dijon
Great names for a great start.
RC, Slot Racing Company, wants to enter the captivating world of the slot, tasting and providing those products which will not go unnoticed.

It should not have been up within a few days to be unveiled names, models, to equalize chances, but often broken pacts show where the professionalism have fissures.

A few days ago we advanced the birth of a new brand. A business group, well advised by the surroundings of slot, great lovers of motor racing, created Slot Racing Company. A new company but with well learned lessons, with significant background and experience in the industry, aware of weaknesses and preferences and aware of the moment in which is involved the slot market.

This allows them to born with clear ideas, strongly and enforcing their criteria not only in terms of models, if not as the period of implementation of its annual range. We understand that SRC considered that is not a toy company and therefore does not have to go along with the rigid stationary campaigns. Make his own schedule according to what he considers that adapts to his target. And the calendar year of its clients goes from September to July. This is extracted from the first statement of principles filtered by SRC.
And is there somebody that considers replica on resin a toy?

We said we can now give know the names, models, dates ...
Ferrari 312T4, the 1979 F1 Constructors World Champion, the car driven by Jody Scheckter and Gilles Villeneuve that reached the doublet in front of the Williams of Alan Jones in the Drivers final standings. Jean Pierre Jabouille and Rene Arnoux Renault RS10, an extremely fast car, with six pole positions in 79 but only one victory, that of Jabouille in the Dijon GP. The first victory of a turbocharged F1.

These are the first two resin models to appear, limited editions. But we advanced that the approach that would have the slot resin models collection would be close to that of the large Die Cast collections. Loyalty above all else. And if there is to do a slotcar with the flat tire ... is offered with the flat tire. Whether ended the race with a bent wing, will be replicated with bent wing, and if the highlight of the season was a duel between two drivers, there will be a box specialy dedicate;, for example, the duel between Arnoux and Villeneuve, in Dijon, fighting for third place. So that will be the range of SRC resin. Oh, and if the side skirts were mobile, no-spoilers, at 1:32 scale will also be mobile.

How about plastic? We may discover what we know, but certainly with less detail in terms of pilots and decorations as in the resin versions. SRC advanced that one of the first models will be the Ford Capri MkI, one of the great forgotten, and star of big races in the early 70's. Another major players in the beginning of Slot Racing Company is the '67s Porsche 907, in two versions, long tail and short tail. We shall see Daytona and Brands Hatch, Targa Florio, Nurburgring, Sebring ...
What about modern GT cars? An astonishing and unedited Ginetta G55 and a GT4. A high-performance sports car that offers many possibilities for replication as well as optimal dimensions for a slot car.
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