(UK Slot Car Festival)
This weekend open the doors the UK SLOT CAR FESTIVAL and Sean Fothersgill tell us about.
This coming weekend open the door to a new edition of the UK SLOT CAR FESTIVAL
Who better than Sean Fothersgill to tell us what we can meet there.

SCT.- The UK Slot Car Festival repeated this year at the Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire, the home to the world's largest collection of historic British cars. But this has not always been so. For those readers who do not know the Slot Car Festival history, can you briefly explain its story?

S.F.- I have believed for a long time that the slot car market needs a large annual event which focuses on all the various aspects of the hobby in one place ie Racing, collecting, manufacturers displays etc. I like the idea of using a motor museum as it adds interest & character to the event.
I have been associated with Brooklands Motor Museum for many years and have staged several small slot car meetings there. In 2009 we organised the first UK Slot Car Festival at Brooklands which co-incided with the James May Toy Stories attempt to re-create the origional Brooklands race circuit made with Scalextric Sport Track. The event was a huge success, largely down to the lure of the TV Cameras and James May, but there were lots of other events to sample. Drag Racing under Concorde, recreating a Brooklands race in the historic chequered flag room, swapmeet in the origional pit buildings and lots of other race tracks and attractions. We returned to Brooklands in 2010 with a similar event, without the lure of James May the event attracted around 2000 visitors and was considered a success. In the same year a 2nd event was staged at Donnington Motor Museum, organised by Scale Models using a similar formula and again was successfull in attracting a large crowd. It was after these 2 events in 2010 that we talked to the organisors of the Donnington event and decided that it would be sensible to combine our knowledge & efforts into staging 1 huge event, the Heritage Motor Centre was chosen to host the 2011 event as the event is indoors and the facilities are second to non.

SCT.- Why being held in one day?

S.F.- Cost - pure and simple. The event is funded by the organisors and relies on generating income from stall rents and goodwille from manufacturers, distributors & enthusiasts. We have thought about adding extra activities for additional days but have decided against at this stage due to costs.

SCT.- How do the different brands are involving in this event in such a economically delicate moment how this?

S.F.- We are aware that these are very difficult times and that manufacturers are cutting their advertising budgets. We are very lucky that so many manufacturers want to be involved and help out in any way possible.
However this event would not be possible without the help of the various slot car distributors in the UK and the invaluable help from racing clubs & enthusiasts who help build and manage the various tracks at the event.

SCT.- Collectors will need to break the bank?

S.F.- I don't think so. The admission costs for the event are very reasonable, advanced tickets are priced at £8 / adult, this is for entry to the museum, once inside all slot car events are FREE.

SCT.- Looking at this year program activities one could say that the festival is growing steadily year by year.

Definately, this is the biggest & promises to be the best festival so far.

SCT.- There are various brands who have made cars commemorating the UK Slot Car Festival. These cars will only be bought at the festival or can access to them through other ways?

S.F.- We have been very lucky, the support we have recieved from manufacturers towards the event is fantastic. Events cars have been made to either promote the event in advance or as Festival cars to sell on the day.
Any unsold cars will be made available for general sale immediately after the event.

SCT.- The current location, at the Heritage Motor Center will have continuity in the coming years?

S.F.- We have an agreement with Heritage Motor Centre for 2013. (May 12th). On this date will also be a classic car event, with many small marques & car clubs in attendance, this will hopefully increase attendance and make more people aware of the slot car hobby.
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