It is a good moment for FlySlot Cars to explain their recent agreements with Artin and the current status of the company.

SC.T. - Few days ago SLOTCAR TODAY reported that FlySlot Cars resumed the conversations with Artin to come to agreements. But before facing the information on this Joint Venture, take back to the most recent history. FlySlot Cars has gone through a period of renaissance and company settlement. Could you explain briefly how it was this process?

R.B.- Yes, FlySlot Cars was born quite recently according to the current market situation and trying to find the Slotcar logical company. Over this period we worked to establish a structure that will allow the business viability to follow the way that we started when we decided to fight for this project. But over those things there remains a passion, a desire to continue doing something for the hobby and achieving that grows; work in translating the art of motorsports to each one of the models coming out of FlySlot Cars.

SC.T. - The feeling from the viewpoint of the slot car fans, is that FlySlot Car are recovering the product from the former Fly Car Model to gain themselves a place in the market slot before the release of new products.

R.B.- The first word from our trading name already denotes this intention. When a group of entrepreneurs looked at the heart of the people who made the other company did it with intention to maintain a philosophy, a sense of how to make things and particularly the illusion in the product. FlySlot Cars has recovered models that meant something for the people, we just wanted to "re live" some of them from falling into the end of its reproductive life and in this way to give the opportunity the new users to experience what it was reflecting on each model. But that does not mean that we continue working in offering new launches and new ideas to open the doors to a new generation of models. We have already release the Lotus 78 to expand the range of classic Formula 1, The Fiat Punto as a wink to the initiated in the world of rally and the Porsche 997 for enjoy on track all kinds fans, and that's just the start.

SC.T. - For many years Fly was synonym for excellence in 1:32th scale reproduction. Very detailed car with good track performance and even a incursion into the slot racing area of. Will FlySlot Cars continue in this line or will be open a two-way product such as an economic and a collector range?

R.B.- As I said before, I think our way is to find now a logical position in the slot car market, and this leads us to seek a balance on what we want to offer the consumers. On the one hand we will focus on creating more and more detailed models and provide this reality than always strive, that people may have it in his hand and identifies that it’s the real car reproduction, who feels that the car "explain" something, and run adequately in track. Furthermore we will have models on which we do not recreate so many details and make it closer to every kind of user. Models representing perfectly the car but that serve just for fun at the track and not to think about you're going to break it if you get out. I believe it is a necessary balance right now.
When this is established we will seek to create competition models, not reaching the limits of developing extremely complex cars, but models you have fun with them. We have already many models referred for racing updates.

SCT. - In the best slot cars periods, Fly was the Olympus and at the same time the desperation of collectors for the number of referrals that filled the catalog. Very special series, etc.. Will see again exclusive limited editions?

R.B.- Perhaps understands this more than people might think. The circumstances of that period have been what they were and that has an explanation, but the philosophy of this company goes through that collectors have access to any reproductions one way or another, amounts of produced models are far lower and that becomes more feasible the election of purchase. However there must be the magic of those special reproductions; is the essence of collectors, but offering always the possibility to get them and prevent someone to speculate with.

SCT. - Fly has been synonymous of a lot of work in R & D, innovating in design and reproduction and even in the application of new aesthetic tendencies which were later followed by other manufacturers. Now is about to exit the cars with sound option. Which future is waiting for this slot cars application?

R.B.- When we sought the possibility of sound was in a very simple premise, Reality. The point of inflexion for the reproduction of more detailed models, lights, digital, all manufacturers are introducing is to do the things as realistic as possible, therefore why do not make cars sounding like the real ones?
What opened this application? Many possibilities having the real sound of your model (perhaps the collectors hank after as the 917K, 512S and company sounded), acceleration, braking, skidding, the possibility of controlling engine parameters ............... and It also allows indiscriminate the running direction use! In short, sounds add the possibility to approach more reality to our tracks. Perhaps listening a three or four cars race with sound people can understand what we translate.

SC.T. - Returning to the initial theme. Which way are Artin agreements focused. Will see FlySlot Cars sets? In digital and analog?

R.B.- Partnership agreements have in common to find new possibilities for the users. For them we study the feasibility of having sets of circuits in both possibilities (digital and analog) and both 1:43 and in 1:32 scale. But these are studies that we have to be quite sure represent a good option for the market prior to developing them.

SC.T. - Until now the FlySlot Cars have left with the old Fly chassis. Is planned a conversion of this component to make it more competitive and to multiply their use and performance with components from others?

R.B.- We have started to develop the chassis of our Group 5 of first generation, 917K, 512S, Lola T70 and GT40 to make them more dynamic and closer to more people than ever has enjoyed it on track. We do not want skimping on details of reproduction but we have made it searching easier handling and other use than until now the products could be given. Our intention is to continue offering to the different categories, the next is probably the GT, more and more advanced chassis to have fun on the track.

SC.T. - The latest FlySlot Cars model is the Porsche 997. But you can also anticipate in what is working FlySlot Cars for the near future?

R.B.- We already have at our hands the Porsche CK5 first units and we are finalizing the 512BB design to get it after summer. Thereafter we will look for a model on which we can implement major novelties.

SC.T. - At a time in which manufacturers returned back or faced to produce at home, how FlySlot Cars contemplated move to Spain the entire production?

R.B.- I always felt that it was important to retain the heart of the production at home and that has never been lost. A large part of what we made so far is done here. Only the Alpha Series range has been maintained in China for adjusting the cost and made it affordable for all users. Right now we are taking new steps and introduced new production processes at our facilities in Madrid trying to improve quality day by day.
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