FORD GT40 (F.A.V.) 1964
From the Czech Republic we receive the first images from the FARO brand new model exclusively for SLOTCAR TODAY. Is the reproduction at 1:32 of the Ford GT40 prototype disembarked in Europe to face the powerful teams who dominated the European racing scene.
Faro prepare the forthcoming release of the two versions that were seen in the 1964 season, which participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1964, specifically the chassis 103 which steered Richie Ginther and Masten Gregory with dorsal 11 and withdraw after 63 rounds.
The latter model that presents Faro is the version with the number 91, that include the modifications made by Ford in front of the car after his European season and enter on the Nassau TT with Ken Miles at the wheel and could not finish the test.
Faro will initially do a number of cars low-cost, without interiors, to include it in the Sets and a second GT40 edition will be produced in its range MCF (Faro Museum Collection) more detailed and with interiors until out of 17 versions.
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