Fecha de publicación: 04/06/2019
QUANTUM Capital acquires CARRERA
A few months ago he bought Revell
Quantum Capital Partner, an investment group based in Munich, has acquired Stadlbauer Marketing Vertrieb, Carrera brand owner. With this acquisition, Quantum strengthens its position in the Toy industry market after it acquired in 2018 German Revell company. Two large companies in the hobby and toy world that now become part of the extensive companies portfolio of this international investor.
The commercial consequences of this acquisition are still to be defined but for now both Carrera and Revell will have a common CEO, Stefan Krings, although the current general manager of Carrera, Norman Frömmer, already advanced that: "joining forces, Stadlbauer and Revell will be able to create a solid player with a compelling and powerful product portfolio in the international market. With the support of Quantum, Stadlbauer is guaranteeing its future. "
From the reading of these statements one can intuit a common synergy of commercialization, which does not necessarily imply a company’s merger or union. In fact, Quantum as a investor, negotiates with their companies and the movement of buying and selling them is constant, 22 transactions since 2014, as can be seen in their latest movements on their own website.
On the other hand, Andreas Stadlbauer, former family owner, will continue to be part of the company as advisor consultant. We will be attentive to commercial and product movements that this brand ownership change may mean.

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