Fecha de publicación: 24/04/2019
A fantasy livery for the Stratos Gr.5
It is popularly known that of the Lancia Statos HF Turbo Gr.5 there are only two possible decorations, Alitalia and Marlboro, both with variants in their numbers. So, how is it that Sideways has put on sale a Pirelli version, awarding it a #10 of a race that did not run (Giro is run with hourly numeration) and some drivers who never piloted it?
History must be sought in Japan. A few years ago, in 2001, a Kyosho designer-documentalist was commissioned to make a third possible livery for the Stratos Turbo at 1:43 scale. He did not have to search too much. He moved the colors of the Stratos HF Rally Pirelli from 1978 to the Turbo of 77. He added the Giro D'italia of 77 decals and some others. Later Fujimi took this fantasy for granted and made a 1:20 scale kit with the same livery. Later other manufacturers, Tomica ... etc also made this version on the Turbo.
We must recognize that it is an excellent livery, very credible, but deep down it is a fantasy far removed from reality.
We accept that Sideways offers models with fancy decorations, as they have done on other occasions, but we cannot agree that they advertise and wrongly market a model (SW63 Lancia Stratos Turbo Pirelli Giro D'italia 1977) as a race entrant and with riders who did not.
We have repeatedly asked Sideways for an explanation on the subject without an answer, before publishing this news.

We continue to believe in the support that means scale models reproduction to motorsport history and memory. It can be more or less faithful in forms and liveries, but there are limits that cannot be ignored.
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