Fecha de publicación: 08/04/2019
3D print CHASSIS Subaru /Toyota / POLICAR
Racing Chassis for Home Racers
The new Policar Toyota GT86 and the imminent Subaru BRZ are initially designed as Home Racers, ie models designed for use on domestic tracks. They have chassis and mechanics for an ideal performance in the new Policar tracks in the field of slot initiation.
But as Slot.it has already advanced, the brand that manufactures Policar, these models will benefit from all the technology that can offer the Racing components of Slot.it. For this purpose, a 3D printed chassis that allows this option has been offered for sale through the Shapeways Slot.it store, which turns the Toyota and next Subaru into competitive models on track.
A new chassis (S24-ST4) that allows the use of the inline motor mount and that has the standard guide holder. It is also compatible with the universal Slot.it digital chip (Type C1) valid for oXigen, SSD and D132 systems.
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